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Research Interests

25 Years of Dysphagia Rehabilitation: What Have We Done, What are We Doing, and Where are We Going?


Easterling C. Dysphagia. 2017.


As deglutologists, we strive to use the best evidence available in the treatment of swallowing disorders. Evidence-based medicine is a bottom-up approach that thoughtfully combines the best external evidence with individual clinical expertise and the patients' choice reflective of their clinical state and preferences for their specific care plan. Evidence-based medicine is not restricted to randomized clinical trials and meta-analyses; rather, evidence-based medicine includes our ability to discriminate the best external evidence with which to answer clinical questions and then skillfully and appropriately being able to apply this evidence in the care and treatment of our patients (Sackett et al. in BMJ 312:71-72, 1996). Translation of efficient and effective dysphagia rehabilitative clinical practice implies the need to use treatment that has proven therapeutic value, yields measurable physiologic results and most importantly allows appreciable qualitative outcomes for the patient.

Catherine Cawley