The Speech Network

Fees - Get in touch for a free consultation.

Get in touch for a free initial 15 minute consultation, or to discuss our competitive initial assessment and therapy session fees.


Free Consultation

A free 15 minute consultation allows us to talk through your needs, and look at plans for moving forward.



Initial Assessment

An initial assessment will give us an accurate diagnosis, which is essential for planning appropriate therapy.

A range of formal and informal assessments will be used, as appropriate, to form a diagnosis.

Variable cost - contact here


Therapy Session

A standard therapy session normally lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour. This is the time spent with the client and family.

The fee also includes time spent outside the session in preparation of material, planning and report writing.

Travel costs are 45p per mile - or the cost of a train ticket, if that is cheaper for the client.

Variable cost - contact here